Smart Education & Technology Days – 3 Giorni per la Scuola 2015

From October 28th – 30th, Città della Scienza will be holding the XIII edition of Smart Education & Technology Days – 3 Giorni per la Scuola. Promoted by Città della Scienza and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, KforBusiness has the exclusive marketing rights for this annual National event that is dedicated to schools and to learning.

Themes of the XIII edition

  • Formation and Innovation: obligated continued education placing teachers who innovate through peer exchange in the center.
  • Digital School: co-investment plans to equip schools with high-speed broadband connection, Wi-Fi and new digital services.
  • New Literacy: digital skills: coding and computational thought in primary schools and “Digital Makers” plan in secondary schools.
  • School founded on work ethic: School-work alternation, educational company extension, strengthening of experimental apprenticeship experience.
  • Schools: a civilization safeguard: school initiatives to fight against bullying, homophobia and overall discrimination.

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