Tianjin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Deadline for enrollment for the Tianjin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is June 10th.

Open to enrolment to the Tianjin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition until June 10th, this International award, supported by the Municipality of Tianjin and by the Chinese Science and Technology Ministry, puts up a total of 4.5 million Euros available in terms of awards and offers, for a period. The additional possibility of using the Nordic Science Park and Industrial Innovation Park located near Tianjin (that both boast the presence and participation of Sweden, Finland and Denmark).

7 award clusters:

     electronic information
     internet e mobile internet
     advanced manufacturing
     cultural and creative industry
     new materials
     new energy/energy conservation & environment protection.

In order to participate, please fill out the profile form and send it by June 10th to: cina@kforbusiness.it

Please download: Tianjin Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

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